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Why I Use Traffic Exchanges

Today being “List Monday”, I will make a 2 for 1 and do a “Review Tuesday” as well.

I would like to briefly explain why I use traffic exchanges to drive traffic to my blog. I also decided it’s time to review the traffic exchange websites I have joined just a few months back.

What is a traffic exchange website?

On simple lay man’s term, traffic exchange is surfing or viewing other people’s website in exchange of them visiting your own website, blog or affiliate site.

You join these websites, but each program is different and most of them will offer a surf ratio of 1:3. Meaning for every 3 websites you visit your website will get 1 visitor. The more you surf the more visits you will get in return.

There’s also a timer per surf or visit that you should take into consideration when you join. There are a ton of them. Some good and a lot of bad. Bad meaning, a real waste of time.

But why did I decide to join one?

The number one reason maybe is that, I’m too cheap. Not saying everyone doing traffic exchanges as their source of traffic, or as their marketing strategy are cheap. I want to be clear on that. But I am, and have to be one.

They say that your blog being your business, should have a budget like any business does. Although I am treating my blog as a business, the ugly truth is, I have very limited budget. Both in terms of money and time.

I have a blog, I need traffic. Any digital business needs traffic. Period.

Some might ask, why not stick to Pinterest?

Do you love Pinterest? I do! But really, do you have all the time to create your Pin? Good for those who have claimed to Pin 20-50 a day (yes, you read it right! And I actually read it from a blogger who claimed that). Come on. I barely make it to 1 Pin a day!

With all these Pinterest algorithm thing changing that affects your page views, how can I keep up? There’s a ton of Pinterest courses all over the blogging world now too. For that reason, I don’t even know who I should buy it from. And again time is a problem for me too.

Wish I had more time after my 9-5 grind to focus on the courses. I just don’t. Maybe most people are not, but I am dead tired after work. My brain is exhausted. Hard for me retain those course materials, training, and of course, put it to use.

What are the Advantages of traffic exchange?

I am pointing out some advantages of traffic exchanges based solely on what I have stated above. My own humble experience as a blogger and wanna be affiliate marketer (more on affiliate marketing later, I promise).

  1. First on my list is the traffic you get out of it. Although not much and dependent of course on how much surfing you do in a day, but you still get some decent traffic.
  2. It is free. Programs do have upgrade options ranging from $3 – $50 per month. I have upgraded and then cancelled in some traffic exchange websites I have joined. I cancelled due to the fact that I have not gained any subscriber or sales from them. Who’s at fault? I don’t know. All I know is, I want something more from my upgrade, but I’m not seeing it.
  3. When you join for free there is not much pressure to use it and promote them, in a hope of getting your money back. You are doing it on your own relaxed pace.
  4. It is a nice break from my blogging world. Believe it or not, it is some kind of entertainment for me and a training ground. A lot the websites you visit, is about website marketing, and although you will come across some shady websites, there are still a big percentage of legitimate and just plain good marketing strategy websites out there.

What are the Disadvantages of traffic exchange?

  1. I will be very honest with you here, most people doing traffic exchanges will not really read your blog. They are there to promote their own websites, affiliate links etc. So I am just hoping that based on my own intentions and surfing habits, I will get someone that will actually stop for a few seconds to read my blog – because I do.
  2. Free is both an advantage and a disadvantage here. Free is good but also when you are a free member, you have to do a lot of surfing to get a visit in return. A surfing ratio of 3:1 is a norm. So when you find one that is offering 1:1 or even 2:1 ratio for free, you have to grab that right away!
  3. If you are hoping to make money from it, you will be a bit disappointed here. You have to promote their advertising package for commissions to make money. And that is tough as there are a lot of competition in the traffic exchange advertising world.
  4. It is still time consuming and be prepared to surf for at least an hour and make sure you join at least 10 traffic exchange programs out there. Also, maximize your time by using tabs in your web browser.

So without further ado, here’s my list of traffic exchange websites that I am a member of.

traffic exchange websites

Over the last 3 months I have joined and left a bunch of traffic exchanges. I have now streamlined them for you and took out the ones that do not offer much freebie and bonuses for surfing.

Mind you, I am still in a lookout for new programs out there, and constantly joining and dropping those that fell short of my expectations, even if I am just a free member in all of these sites.

Remember, only join what you can handle, or it will be a waste of your time and energy. And a bit of a warning, there’s a lot of “flashy” websites you will come across while surfing including scammers. Be prepared, don’t lose your ground and be a smart surfer! Enjoy!

Not in any particular order, here it is. And as a disclaimer, I will be earning a reward in terms of credit (free hits to my site). Or a really, really small commission when you join under me and eventually make an advertising purchase. It is all free to join and an upgrade is not necessary at all.

Please click on the website name if you want to check them out.

Traffic splash

  • A normal surf ratio of 3:1
  • A fast 6 second timer
  • Bonuses after every 15 websites surfed – very generous

TE Search

  • A good surf ratio of 2:1
  • Very fast 4 seconds timer – I think the fastest I have seen so you get credits faster
  • Bonuses after every 50 websites surfed

Traffic Speedway

  • A normal surf ratio of 3:1
  • 7 seconds timer
  • Bonus and promo codes for rewards at random times during your surf

Tezzers Traffic Power

  • A normal surf ratio of 3:1
  • 7 second timer
  • Bonus and promo codes for rewards at random times during your surf

Hungry for Hits

  • A good surf ratio of 2:1
  • 8 second timer
  • Bonus after every 50 sites surfed, plus a fun, click for reward games

SWAT Traffic – (on my hit list of dropping out)

  • A normal surf ratio of 3:1
  • 10 second timer
  • Bonuses after every 35 websites surfed

You’re almost there. 6 more sites to check out

Traffic Ad Bar

  • No surf ratio, instead you will earn points for clicks
  • You can list up to 5 websites to promote and it will be rotated automatically
  • 10 second timer
  • Bonuses after every 25 websites surfed in form of points or hits to your site/s

Hit 2 Hit

  • A good surf ratio of 2:1
  • A fast 6 second timer
  • Bonuses after every 50 websites surfed

Easy Hits 4 You

  • A very good surf ratio of 1:1
  • But a longer 20 second timer – they have a browser plugin you can install to get a faster timer which I am not comfortable with it
  • Bonuses after every 25 websites surfed like a free banner or text impressions or a hit to your website

Traffic Humanoid

  • A very good surf ratio of 1:1
  • Longer 15 seconds timer
  • Bonus and promo codes for rewards at random times during your surf

Farm Traffic

  • A normal surf ratio of 3:1
  • A fast 6 second timer
  • Bonuses after every 20 websites surfed plus a fun, click for reward games

List Surfing

  • No surf ratio – you earn credits instead and your site will be in rotation along with other member’s websites
  • 7 second timer
  • Only 1 website can be added to their rotation
  • You must login and surf or read mails to keep your membership


So that is all the traffic exchange sites I am a member of. I have joined a few more as I am writing this post, but I am not actively surfing on those programs yet. I will eventually add them here when if I think they will be of value to you after using them myself.

And as I have said, I may also drop some that’s already on this list, as I will not allow myself to get overwhelmed. And If I think they are not delivering as they used to. Or sometimes I just get bored on that site that it’s time to try other options.

I hope I have given you some valuable information about traffic exchanges on this post. And again, I use it mainly to supplement my traffic resources and not as a tangible source of income per se.

Good luck!


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