The Best Haliburton Ice Cream Shops

I “scream” for ice cream!


Our no fail list of ice-cream stops

Summer is fast approaching and nothing excites us on our weekly trips to the cottage than the ice-cream stops! It’s a routine. The weekend is not complete without it. Like many other cottagers that line up to these shops, we have a mission, and the mission is to find the best ice-cream stops on our way to and from the cottage country – and ours is the lovely Haliburton Highlands!

Right now the list is not that long. So many country stores that basically offer the same famous Kawartha dairy. Mainly because, you cannot find them in all grocery stores in the city. There’s a select few that carry them, but hard to find.

The goal is to find the perfect enough ice-cream shop that offer Kawartha ice-cream, and carry almost all their flavours (it’s a lot!). Also, the store must be appealing and “country” enough for our taste. Otherwise, we might as well just buy it at the local grocery store. It’s mostly for the experience and the ambiance.

So we start the trip from the city to the cottage and here we go….

7 & 46 Shop – Kawartha Lakes

This shop is just about 3 years old (I’m guessing). When we saw it on our way home, we stopped by and took a peek. Nothing special at that time. Good enough selection of flavours and a lot of empire cheese in their fridge. Some ice-cream cakes as well. They do look delicious! They have a bbq shelter for those craving the usual burgers and hot dogs.

The year after we saw a huge improvement. Lots of flavours have been added and they also have added shakes and smoothies in their menu, along with a few butter tarts and baked goods. Butter tarts are okay and the baked goods are not very appealing. But, delicious milk shakes by the way!

If you love country decor and items, they have that too. I am always attracted to unique, and one of a kind cottage and rustic decor items. They have a good selection of olive oils and spices that I’m sure is worth the money if you are into olive oils and spices. Price in my opinion is very fair. These items looks really fancy.

Last summer, we saw a major surprise that landed 7 & 46 Shop in our hot list! They have built an awesome “outhouse”/bathroom. It smells amazing and the decor is gorgeous! That’s it. They have raised the bar! And we are sold. Not to mention the amazing eating/garden area at the back of the shop. You gotta stop here!


Coboconk Go-Karts and Mini-putt

If you have kids, you have to at least stop here once. When the kids doesn’t want to end the weekend just yet, this is a very good attempt at that. Very nice well kept go-kart place. As of last fall, this place is now under new management and we can’t wait to see what updates they have done.

Throughout the winter, we see a lot of trucks and renovations seemed to be ongoing. We have seen a very nicely painted chip truck and ice-cream truck on their lot.

They never have a huge selection of ice-cream flavours in the past, so we would like to see an addition and maybe some fancy or even traditional or classic ice-cream truck eats. This will be updated when summer finally kicks in.


Kawartha ice-cream shop – Minden

Now officially at Haliburton county, you cannot miss the big cow at the Kawartha Dairy rooftop! When you see the cow, you better stop, as this is the king of all ice-cream stops!

Being the main Kawartha Dairy factory, they of course have all the flavours in the menu. The line up here during the summer time is long. So may I suggest that if you are in the middle (that is a good 15 minutes wait!), make sure you review the menu and decide before you finally get to the ordering window. Nothing annoys me and the rest of the population than someone taking their time choosing a flavour when they could have done it while waiting in line.

Anyhow, nothing fancy with their store. Just plain good, old fashion ice-cream shop with awesome flavours, and not to mention that they are constantly adding to their huge list of flavours. I just can’t make up my mind sometimes! But not to worry, I am always ready to order when my time comes!


Baked n Battered – Downtown Haliburton


Downtown Haliburton is a quaint village that is always bursting with events in the summer months. And of course the part time cottagers, as we are often referred to by “full-time” locals, keeps this town incredibly lively!

So you can just imagine our excitement when Baked n Battered opened it’s doors 3 years ago. It is mainly a cafe/coffee shop on one side and fish and chips and all things battered (mainly) on the other side.

But surprisingly, they have some good selection of ice-cream flavours and milk shakes and smoothies in their menu. When adults are having their coffee, the kids can have their ice-cream quietly. Best of both worlds!. Not to mention the variety of yummy cakes and desserts that is very hard to pass.

No wonder this humble restaurant/cafe has quickly became a favourite meeting place by locals and part-timer cottagers alike. And oh what a view to have. Head Lake is breathtaking no matter what the season is, adding to making them a go to place this summer and beyond.



There has been new stores and cafes that opened last summer in downtown Haliburton. They are not making my list mainly because I haven’t got the chance to visit them more than once. Others didn’t quite make it to my required flavour selection.

Like I said, our cottage is our business too, so for the majority of the summer season, we are busy doing the finishing touches before the rental season starts. And the week that we have for ourselves, we try to enjoy the cottage as much as we can. This year, my goal is to explore the Haliburton downtown core in-depth. Giving you more focused, informative, as well as a first hand account of our experience. So stay tuned for part two.

If you have a place to add to this list, please share them at the comments section below. I would love to try them out myself!








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