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How to get started blogging


It was a long 4 weeks hiatus for me. I am talking about this Blog. Nothing posted in the last 4 weeks! Bad business logic if you ask me. If you are to consider your blog a business, as I tried to. I have a legitimate excuse though. Our “Smart Cottage” is our main, physical, tangible business. The door opens to our first renter yesterday.

A lot of preparation is needed and must be dealt with during the last 4 weeks. This happens every single year. No exception. Only seem to get worse each year. Brought mainly by the changing weather and environmental condition. A waterfront cottage, has a lot of added maintaining issues and concerns that you have to address right away. Or the price will be hefty in the end.

Now that all has settled, and our cottage is kind of out of my way for now, I can now get serious and concentrate on my second to none legitimate business. Yes, blogging is a business no matter how you slice it nowadays.

If you have not read my first post about creating a blog in WordPress, please do so now here. It is just a rough start or introduction of the hows and whys of blogging.


No more excuses to get blogging now


I have decided at this point that my blog will not take a side step from now on. My goal of taking our short term vacation rental business to the next level is on the line. My web presence is taking a toll. Getting a bad beating!

So if you are to decide on embarking on the business of blogging, you need to be better than me! You need a plan. I have miserably failed on that one important aspect.

I had a “calling”. But I know now that it is not enough. As with other businesses, online or otherwise, you need to have a business plan. Any projects need to have a plan, so I don’t know why I thought that my blog will just fly!

So if you want to start a blog but don’t know how it will fly just yet, follow my series of posts about blogging. It all starts here. And I promise you will not wait another month for the next post.



Series I – An introduction to blogging


Over the last decade, blogging has become one of the most prominent aspects of the internet. What started out as a way for companies to give dated posts about their activities expanded to people using blogging platforms as a way to write a personal diary. It has got to the point where today’s media, and even large publications, are using blogs in order to showcase their content.

‘Weblogs’, as they were originally called, are a perfect way for people to put their content on the internet in a way that is easy for visitors to read but is also simple for the author to publish.

Bloggers all over the world are being paid big bucks for their services as many companies and individuals alike are realizing the power that a great personality in front of a keyboard can have.

There have been many instances where popular blogs have been sold to large media conglomerates for millions of dollars and it is also the case that a popular blogger in a certain niche can influence vast quantities of people.

A blog is a great way for you to easily communicate with your readers in a way that allows any user – whether they are technologically savvy or not – to get their content online for all to see.

Blogging truly is for everyone and what you do with your blog is entirely up to you. Your blog could be a future blog that sells for millions of bucks or you can use it to supplement your income to bring in some extra well-deserved cash.


Choosing your topic or niche


Most of the time a person will think about wanting to create a blog and to go through the experience of creating a blog without deciding what they want to blog about.

Choosing what niche or simply just topics you want to blog about will obviously make a huge difference to the type and amount of visitors that you get on a regular basis.

The best advice is to stick to what you know and chose something that you’re passionate about. If you spend a lot of your time gardening or cooking, or you enjoy the latest gadgets and think you have something to say on the matter, that it will be an obvious choice about what you should be blogging about.

If you want to start a blog but don’t yet have any idea about a topic, think about what you do for a living, what your interests are and what you have to say about them. In my case, our waterfront cottage as a short term vacation rental that is already in place for a while now.


Make your blog interesting enough


Visitors will love your blog and will keep coming back for more if you give yourself an angle. For example, visitors will like to check out the blogs of either people similar to them or people that they aspire to be like.

If you think your job is a boring 9 to 5 job and you can’t think about anything to say about the work that you do, then that’s fine because that can be your angle. People all across the world hate their jobs and they would be interested in someone in a similar situation so they can share experiences and have a good laugh.

If you love cooking but you’re terrible at it, this can also be your angle. People can visit your blog to see what you have to say and view pictures of your failed lasagna or your upside-down cake that looks as though it’s been sat on.

If you love watching reality television or you love playing or watching sports, and have a strong opinion about what’s going on (or what should be going on), a blog is the perfect place for you to express it.


Conclusion – keep it going


Many bloggers get bored after a while and abandon their blogs. You need to choose something that you can enjoy writing about and something that, as you’re going about life and something happens in relation to your topic, you can’t wait to get to the nearest computer and update your blog for all of your followers.

The key idea is ‘passion’ at least to start or keep you going. What are you passionate about? What do you enjoy doing? What do you think about your job? Do you live in an unusual circumstance? Do you have an unusual family? Do you have any pets? Do you like a particular type of movie? Are you a mother or a father?

There are endless possibilities for things that you can make a blog about and the world is waiting to hear what you have to say. When you think you can venture out of your”passion”, you can start thinking out of the box and explore other more lucrative niches. Only time can tell when you are ready. You need to be comfortable in doing so.


Series II – next post


For my next post, I will talk about the numerous blogging programs, software and companies that I have used, dropped and continue to use. I know my blog is new, but I am not new to the blogging world myself. So I can help you choose wisely and believe me, it is not always about your “gut”. RESEARCH and a variety of information should pave the way.

Be informed and then decide. Don’t rush like I mistakenly did, and you might end up strapped for cash to even get by. Blogging can be costly. Let’s be smart with our resources. And that is what I wanted to do. Giving you some smart insight, hopefully you and I can make it through!

See you on my next post!





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