How to use social media

How to Use Social Media and Other Types of Media For Your Blog

Using social media to build an audience

This is Series IV and the last post for my blog series on how to Start a Blogging Business – click here to start reading it now.

Series II – Choosing the Best Blogging Platform

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Social bookmarking is the name given to the process by which a visitor to a website or a post will make a bookmark of the page for many other people to see. It allows users to recommend internet posts for the people that follow what they are suggesting or to make it possible for other users searching for the hot topics that are on the internet at the moment.

Social bookmarking can also be very useful for your blog. This is because, if someone visits one of your posts, likes what they see and bookmarks it for all of their followers to see, there’s a good change that other people are going to come and check it out – and even recommend it to those that follow them.

When someone bookmarks your post, a link is placed to your post on the social bookmarking website. Google loves it when other sites link to your site as it sees your site as being popular and important. This means that Google will treat you more favorably when someone searches for information in your topic in search engines.

The more people bookmarking your site, the more chance that someone will see the link to your site and will come and visit and read what you have to say. This is why it is important that you make your posts interesting and informative as people will then go and recommend it to others.

How to use social media

Using a WordPress Plugin

The best way to implement this is by simply downloading a social media plugin. Can be easily done in any WordPress theme out there, free or paid. This way your visitors can just click whatever social media icon/button to bookmark your page. Make sure to have the 3 most popular, Facebook, Google and Pinterest sharing buttons. But you can add as many as you want.

Don’t forget about other forms of social media when looking to get traffic to your blog. Social media has become very important in making or breaking a blog. If you have a Facebook page, make sure you tell all of your friends about your blog. They may then go and tell all of their friends and soon news about your blog can be all over the world.

You can also create a Facebook page for the blog itself and use the plug-in on your blogging platform so that people can ‘like’ your post. I prefer this method, as it is kinda still separate from your personal profile. Sometimes, people can see it differently when you tend to promote your own blog. Although there is totally nothing wrong with that, it is just my preference at this time.


Another great tool in getting people to your site is to use Twitter. Twitter has not stopped growing in the last few years and signing up with a Twitter account to collect followers is a great idea. You can  tweet to them you’ve created a new post and send them all flocking to go and check it out.

Personally, I have never gotten into “Twitting” yet. For me it is a lot of work. I have a day job that takes much of my time that the thought of updating or “twitting” is rather impossible for me. I think that you have to devote some time when using twitter to keep your profile interesting for your followers.  It is something in my horizon though. And I have seen this method worked really well for some bloggers I have followed.

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Using other forms of media

While traditionally a ‘blog’ is a short form of ‘weblog’ and was meant to be a platform that was constantly updated with a log of what you have been doing, it has now become so much more.

Don’t think that you have to spend hours writing pages and pages of content for your blog everyday just to get ahead and get noticed. In fact, more and more bloggers are not using text at all.

It is possible for you to take the idea of blogging in a whole new directions and spend much of your time creating video and multimedia content.

If you prefer to make videos about your home or family life or you would rather have a rant into your webcam as oppose to typing it all down, it’s now easier than ever. That isn’t to say that you should just skip the blog and upload your video logs also known as “vlogs” to YouTube and not bother with a blog at all. In fact it’s a great idea to combine both video and text.

Combining videos and text – The Power of YouTube

The combination of video and text is useful as the search engines are more likely to find your content through text, and YouTube is much more likely to recommend your videos to others who are interested in the topics that are covered in your videos. YouTube also has the advantage of being a large community where people can subscribe to your videos so they never miss out.

You can make videos and upload them to YouTube before posting a link from the YouTube video to your blog. That way, people who enjoy your videos can come to see what you have to offer in blog form and the YouTube videos that you produce can also be showcased on your blog itself by video embedding.

Don’t be afraid to step into different forms of media. All of the ways that you connect with your audience are all linked and all will serve your blog in the long term.

If you make a post about how to do something, you can make a quick video about it and upload it to YouTube to complement the blog post. Embed the video on your blog post to satisfy your blog readers, and the video will also feature on YouTube so that you can attract new readers to your blog who had been searching through YouTube videos.


If you think that you have a smooth and sultry voice with lots of topics for discussion, get together with other bloggers, your friends, or other people who know a lot about your topic, and have a discussion that you can record and put out as a podcast.

You can submit your podcast to many podcast directories all over the internet and you can also eventually get them on iTunes if you want to make them a regular occurrence. Blogging doesn’t have to all be about text, text and more text. Think outside the box.


There really isn’t any shortage  of how you can get more visitors to your blog. Curiosity breeds an audience. And in most cases, they will be your loyal follower. But to be honest with you, a YouTube video, much more creating an account is one media type I have not gotten into. I am a 40 something blogger, just starting out with my passion/ambition, I just don’t know how to start. Or better yet, don’t have the courage to stand in front of the camera and speak to an audience.

How about you guys? If you have done it, how does it feel? What is it like talking to an audience? Maybe you have some tips to share on how to break that silence. 🙂

Well that’s it for my first ever Series of Blogs about Starting Your Blogging Business.

I hope that I have impart some knowledge and at the same time encourage you even just a bit, to start a blog for your business no matter how big or small it is. I am not being a guru or a preacher, I am being a friend and fellow budding business blogger. Here’s to our success! Let’s keep on blogging!




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