Review of MoneyLine

Global Money Line – My Review

Real Time Global Leads/List Building System

As a new blogger, the number one thing you always hear and read is traffic. How to obtain a healthy number and at the same time, build your list or leads/subscribers. Enter MoneyLine – a real time global leads or list building system.

It’s been a busy couple weeks for me. Not much on the blogging scene but mainly trying out some fresh (at least for me) programs out there including MoneyLine, that I feel I still need to grow this blog or at the very least sustain and survive.

Traffic and leads go hand in hand. Without traffic, your chance of ultimately having someone subscribe to your blog is next to nothing. Plain and simple. So when this program was introduced by an IM or internet marketer (which I am a subscriber), I immediately signed up. Why not, it’s free to start and I get to test drive it.

Review of MoneyLine

Global Money Line Review

So without further ado, let me give you my “experience” or review, in the short 2 weeks that I have been using this program.

Software/Program: MoneyLine

Owner: Not known

Cost to Join: Free (plus other levels of membership)

My Rating: 7/10

As I have mentioned above, I stumbled upon this program or what you may say have been introduced to this program by an internet marketer that I have subscribed into. I have purchased his online marketing course and this is one of his recommended software for leads.

As part of his marketing, he has shown a video of how this program works. And as the video shows, MoneyLine is a communication tool or software that gives you a chance to build a list or leads by communicating with other members once you sign up.

And since the video is not really detailed enough for me, I clicked on his link and subscribed as a free member to do my own test drive. I watched the videos in my dashboard to get a quick grasps of this program.

My First Thought

People have very different views and interpretation of what this program is all about and to be honest my first impression was – this is a pyramid scheme or an MLM. For me, if you have to introduce someone to a program, then it’s MLM or pyramid. I don’t even understand enough to know the difference.

But really, if there is a product involved, can you still call it a pyramid scheme or an MLM? What isn’t MLM anymore nowadays then? Avon, Amway, Melaleuca and so many other direct sales marketing. I think they’re MLM too. Bottom line is someone is getting a commission somehow all the way to the top.

And yes this system has that structure. I am not going to try to be the know it all here. The compensation plan is best understood by watching their in-depth video when you decide to join for free. Everything is explained in your dashboard once logged in. I have to say this though, the website can use an update!

There are 6 other levels of membership:

Bronze: $20.00 one time

Silver: $50.00/year

Gold: $100.00/year

Platinum: $250.00/year

Diamond: $500/year

Double Diamond: $1,000.00/year

Here’s what you get in a nutshell:

When you join for free, you get your personal URL or link which you can use to share the MoneyLine program. You now have access to the system to test drive on your own.

As you can see from the snip below, in two weeks time, I have about 5000 members directly below me. These are the number of people that joined after me, perhaps as a free member as well. It doesn’t matter what their level of membership is. The main thing here is that, this is the number of people I can directly send a message to.

MoneyLine Menu

Now, the caveat is, as a free member, you can only message 1 member at a time! So imagine having just 100 below you, you have to hit that send message 100 times to reach all the members in your “MoneyLine”!

As a Bronze member, where I am at right now, you get to send a message up to 20 people at a time. Still a lot of clicking though. But I am fine and satisfied for now. The number of people you can message at a time increases as you upgrade your membership.

As a Silver member and all the other higher level member, you can also create an Ad that rotates, for all the members to see. As a Bronze member, you pay extra for this option. I am taking it one at a time. Those Ads from the higher level member called Upline also shows in the lower member’s MoneyLine messaging page.

It is entirely up to you to decide how these communication tool will benefit or appeal to you. If you keep an open mind on what this program can offer you, I can honestly say that MoneyLine is NOT a pyramid scheme nor can it be considered a scam. Take this system with a grain of salt, you might even enjoy being here.

Join for FREE

If you think my review is fair and somehow intrigued by this system now, please click on the banner below. This is my personal “invite link” (I wanted to call it that) that will take to the sign up page. Check it out, you have nothing to lose, and on the other hand you get to test it for yourself for 7 days until the clock stop ticking. By that time you can decide if you wanted to subscribe to a Bronze or beyond!

Free Global Leads

As a new blogger or an internet marketer, getting leads or getting someone to subscriber to your blog is a tough challenge. Well this system can give you a little bit of a chance to reach like minded people as a lead or subscriber. Give it 20-30 minutes/day reaching out and sending messages from this system and you can definitely get some results. May not be a massive list in the end, I do not know yet for sure as I don’t have one.

The possibilities are endless, and the potential to earn a passive income on the side from your direct MoneyLine subscriber, it can only get exciting if you let the system work for you. As with other programs/system out there, please decide wisely, do not put all your cards out on the table. But if you are a gambler, it may work out well too.

Good luck!



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