Country Style Art Deco

4 Ways To Decorate Your Home In Country Style

Bringing “Country” In The City

Adopting a country-theme style in your home is one of the most inexpensive ways of designing one’s abode. This motif invokes a casual feel, so elegant and expensive objects can be avoided. In fact, a country style interior decoration even calls for some imperfect look and finishes. You can also do some DIY projects to complement your home’s architectural design and furniture.

Mind you, but the dingy “country style” decor we once knew has now evolved. And there are a lot of very elegant country or cottage decors that are just plain gorgeous and you bet expensive.

Personally, that is the decor direction we are aiming for. I love country style, but I myself do not want our cottage to be too “cottagey” (I know it’s not a word-just like to use it). And the exact opposite is what I want for our home in the city. Please don’t shoot me for this. I just can’t make up my mind for now! Country or city elegance, I think we can achieve both.

1 – Paint the Walls With Country Colors

Wall paint provides for the overall look of a home’s interior decoration as everything else will depend on this. Since you are going for a country theme, you can choose from a wide variety of warm colors to paint your house with. Yellow and cream both give a natural and casual feel and blue and green are great coastal colors.

You need to get good quality paint brushes and rollers for this project as such items can provide for the best results. Depending on the size of your home, it can take days to paint walls. So if you can’t do this yourself, you can also hire a professional worker.

2 – Decorate Floors and Windows

A country setting is really quite different from city living. In the city, decorations are always classy and sophisticated. You won’t find such decors in a country-themed home as it simply calls for natural beauty. Therefore, digital art and other modern accessories would look out of place in such a set up.

For a completely country style flooring, go for hardwood floors. One thing that caught my husband’s eye when we first looked at our house, are the somewhat beaten up hardwood floors in our dining room. His exact words were, it added to the country charm and feel of the house.

Laminated floors with wood finish and country look are also acceptable. If your house has other kinds of floors that don’t evoke a country feel, however, you don’t necessarily have to reconstruct your flooring. Just cover the floors with some area rugs and these will take the focus off the flooring surfaces.

Note, however, that your rug’s colors should go well with your wall painting. As for the materials, braided wool works best. Carpet types of rugs won’t look good when trying to achieve a country setting.

Don’t neglect window dressings too, as this can make or break the country appeal of your home. Checkered and striped-decorated curtains are popular in the country. You can also go for simple curtains that carry fruit and animal images. I love bird prints! As for the curtain rod, utilize a wooden rod instead of one that’s made of metal. Although it can still blend well depending on the style of your curtain rod.

Country Style Art Deco

3 – Incorporate A Lot of Wooden Furniture

Wooden furniture should make up most of your things in a country themed home. Every piece of item doesn’t even need to match perfectly as mismatched and imperfect decorations actually appeal in a country setting. I personally love the mismatch  dining chairs going on right now. I have scored 2 mismatched wood dining chairs in a garage sale last summer and added 4 more matching chairs in for our dining room. Best gamble for me so far in the decorating arena!

Include wooden tables and accent chairs too and these are perfect in the dining and kitchen areas as well as a stand alone in any room. As for the living room, overstuffed sofas and couches in bright colors would give the room a really country feel. Color is very personal, so you are on your own, but definitely cannot go wrong.

Second hand furniture often works for setting up country setting decorations too. And when you repaint old furnishings, you can even give them a distressed look by rubbing sandpaper on some of the edges. A lot of furniture paint in the market now that doesn’t require sanding too. Just grab and go. My type of paint.

4 – Accessorize in Country Style

As with all types of home decorating procedures, accessorizing the place up is also a necessary step. Primitive looking baskets that are made of wick are particularly popular because these are very decorative indeed.

Artworks can become a part of country decorations too. But instead of abstract paintings and digital arts, landscapes and country sceneries are called for. Pictures of animals can be included too; but instead of just the typical dogs and cats, you can also include images of chicken, pigs, cows, etc.

Whether your family is into playing game boards or not, this should also be included in your home decors as this type of game is popular in country scenes. Game boards can be placed on center tables and shelves even if they’re simply intended as decorative items. I just recently gained a liking (obsession?) of everything old board games. I got a lot of them from thrift stores and garage sales. I managed to salvaged the broken boxes, and I didn’t care if they are still complete or not. It was a hit just having them out as a centerpiece!

When adopting the country theme, every area and room in your house should carry the same motif. Otherwise you can be in danger of having a cluttered looking home instead. The kitchen, in particular, can be neatly designed to evoke a country theme. And you would enjoy decorating this area of your house too, as it involves the use of wooden spoons and other cooking utensils.

You can also accessorize with clay potted plants; and these can be placed both indoors and outdoors. Your patio will also look and feel country when you have wooden benches, swings, and rocking chairs.

Lately, I have some sort of obsession with trying to do my own decor. Rustic but elegant. Just be imaginative and creative. Although I myself is lacking in that department.

So whatever obsession is with regards to decorating your home, make sure you are enjoying it as it can be overwhelming and frustrating as it is rewarding. Have fun!




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