3 Important Tips To Consider When Blogging

1. How to Attract Visitors to your Blog

Series III of my post: Starting your blogging business

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By now, if you have taken the leap of faith, maybe I have convinced you, or maybe you have already made that decision when you stumbled upon this humble blog of mine, nevertheless, there is one important thing and I think the most under-rated aspect of blogging – Content. Yes as they always say, Content is King!

And Here’s Why …

  • The blog posts that you make on your blog need to be reflective of your content. You may well be writing the blog for yourself as a diary (just like I thought I would be doing) or to provide an outlet for you to discuss what you like, but if people don’t like your content and you end up with no visitors, what’s the point?
  • There will be two types of visitors to your blog. There will be visitors that visit your blog because they have read it before, liked what they read and want to come back for more. There will also be visitors to your blog that come from search engines after searching for something. You need to cater for both of these types of visitors.

For example, those that read your blog regularly will want to see some personality from you. People like to know about the life of who is writing the content. This is also good because if people feel as though they know you they’ll keep coming back for more.

However, the visitor that is finding you from search engines will be wanting to find information. They will have typed in something specific and will be looking for your blog to provide them what they are looking for.

3 Tips for Bloggers

Therefore, your blog needs to be informative as well as personal.

Write in a friendly style with humor if you can manage it and, at the same time, get some information across to the reader. There is no reason for a post to not be personal, entertaining and informative at the same time. The blogs that master this are amongst the most popular blogs on the internet.

Remember that you are an authority on what you’re blogging about. Let’s say you’re writing about gardening because you know all about it – people will want to hear what you have to say and will want your advice on certain issues.

Create a “hot list” type post

A good idea for making a post is always to make a ‘top five or ten’ post. You can have something such as the ‘top ten plants to plant this spring’ or the ‘five best plant foods on the market’.

You can write about your personal experience testing out the plant foods or share a list of your favorite plants and people will love to read it because they are learning and being entertained at the same time. Always think about what you’ve got to offer and what would be interesting for the reader.

Why is this a good idea? Because people are lazy readers! Like me! I love to scroll the pages first. And a list is a good eye catcher. Or break it down with headings with bigger and bold fonts or text. It catches a reader’s attention. Long paragraphs can be boring, no matter how good the content is.

Pictures are worth a thousand words

Whether we like it or not, that is how social media works nowadays. That goes with blogging. If you have no images, might as well turn the lights off! Seriously, just look who’s popular in Facebook and Instagram, those with awesome pictures, images, videos.

So if you can swing it, better get those cameras and phones to work and take some gorgeous photos. Or grab some serious photo editing tool out there. A lot of them are for free. It’s always good to start with a free tool until you get comfortable and your blog started to grow.

2. Creating Your Online Presence

When time comes that writing is now just second skin, you may want to start creating your online presence. A blog isn’t just a blog. The internet is full of people who are looking for information or entertainment, and people who are able to offer it.

The thing that you will come to realize is that there is a large community of people who are writing about and looking at your topic area. You may soon find that you become a household name in this area, especially as you come to share information and end up linking to each other’s sites.

You may be surprised by just how fast people who are blogging in your topic soon know who you are. This is something that you should take advantage of as the people in this area are likely to be here for a long time and they can become your greatest allies.

Join a Forum

Search for an internet forum based around your blog topic. Sign up and begin making posts, ensuring that you create a link back to your blog in your signature. This will help people who read what you say on the forum know where to go to find out where you are and what you’re about.

If you maintain an online presence, it is possible for you to get heaps more traffic to your site and, not only that, but people will come to respect you for your knowledge and talents. Giving people advice and sharing what you know in online forums is a great way to do this.

Guest Posting

Find someone else with a blog that is based around a similar topic to yours and ask them if they would allow you to make a guest post on their blog in exchange for a link back to yours. Many people will accept this and they may even make it a regular feature. This way all of the followers of the other blog will likely begin to follow your blog if it has been offered as a recommendation.

You should also allow people with a great blog to make a guest post on your blog. There are plenty of opportunities out there for some really valuable networking. I must say I have not gained a full courage to ask someone yet. But I am definitely exploring that avenue, hence I am discussing it on this post.

Comment on a post

Lastly, head over to other blogs in your niche and make a comment. In the comment section of many blogs, it allows you to enter your URL back to your own site. Make valuable contributions to other people’s blog and you’ve got yourself a link back to your blog that people can find you through.

Be careful that you are writing a comment and not a suggestion or some sort of a critique. These are totally different and you don’t want to be branded negatively early on in your blogging journey. While some websites encourages that, make sure you know what you are going into before you get trigger happy!

3. How to stop your blog from failing

Most blogs fail within the first six months of their conception. For every blog that you see has been going for years with regular content, there are countless more on the scrapheap. This is because people get bored of writing them, especially when they see that they are not getting any visitors.

The harsh truth is, people tend to feel that there is no point writing if there is no one there to read what they write. However, it can take a long time for a blog to become popular with regular visitors and most tend to quit before they get their first taste of success.

Don’t give up

The best advice is to keep going and not to give up. You should push through it and carry on writing and posting content even when it appears that you are not getting many visitors. All it takes is for one post that you make to go viral and you’re all set.

As one of the most common reasons that people fail at blogging is that they get disheartened at not having any readers, and yet one of the reasons that they don’t have any readers is because they have not fully submersed themselves into the community in which they blog about.

It’s important that if you blog about video gaming, for instance, that you get out there into the video gaming community, give out advice on forums, make valuable comments and contributions to other blogs and make videos on YouTube of your video gaming experiences. You need to get into the community and feed into it in order to get anything back. You are then likely to find that it is much more rewarding to be part of a large community.

Always ask the question – What can you offer that the other blogs can’t offer?

Why should anyone bother to read what you have to say? Are you just regurgitating old information from other sources or are you adding your own spin? If you think about these often, there is no reason that you should fail at blogging.

Many times, bloggers that fail stay at their blog and can be writing fantastic content, but it won’t matter because no one knows that it’s there. Readers need to find you and you need to step out into the community in order for that to happen.

Don’t be too discouraged if you are not getting any traffic.

A little determination and a reduction in the expectation that people are just going to find you by chance, will set you on your way. There are millions upon millions of blogs out there and you need to step up to the plate and set yourself a part from the others.


Here’s to our success. I am not out there yet myself. But you and I should keep on moving. If you have gone through all of my 3 series so far, then I think you are heading in the right direction.

Next time, I will be talking about social media and other forms of media. I am not a huge fan of them to be honest, but now that I am into this business, and hoping this could be my ticket to early retirement, I am having a change of heart on this social media hype. The younger “millennial” group of bloggers are better at this than I am. But I am going to give it a shot. Maybe you should too! So see you around.

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